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15 May 2012, London: Traditional medicines and their regulations - great line up of speakers


The Directors of Global Regulatory Services (GRS) are delighted to be involved the Asia-Pacific Technology Network (APTN) event being held at 17:00 in London on Tuesday 15th May:


GRS has brought together speakers who are specialists in Traditional Chinese Medicines and Ayurvedic Medicines to provide insights into these traditional medicines and how EU regulations are affecting these industries within Europe.  Specifically, Professor Peter Hylands Director of the Centre for Natural Medicines Research at Kings College London, will be talking about TCMs and Europe and Ela Shah, Research Advisor at Ayurved Consultancy UK will share her extensive knowledge on Ayurvedic medicines.  Greer Deal, Director of GRS, will be providing an overview of the EU regulations applicable to herbal products and then to provide an industry perspective, there will be a presentation from Andrew Gallagher, Programme Manager of Phynova, who will be talking about the company's experiences in developing and commercialising products based on TCMs.


APTN is a Forum which brings together professionals who are interested in the development of Asian technologies (Asia is defined as anywhere from Japan through to the Sub-Continent, with the inclusion of Australasia).  The aim of this particular evening is:


  • to provide an overview of traditional medicines in Europe, the regulations applicable to these products and to share experiences
  • to raise awareness on this niche industry and the particular challenges they are facing, and
  • to be thought provoking so as to encourage debate and develop ideas


If you'd like to know more and take advantage of this opportunity to speak to Opinion Leaders and Advisers on traditional medicines, please come along and join us.  Everyone is welcome.