GRS Directors meet Professor Sir Christopher Evans at One Nucleus Bench-to-Boardroom event, 6th March 2012

From Left to Right: Bobby Deal, Managing Director (GRS), Professor Sir Christopher Evans, Greer Deal, Director (GRS) (Photograph courtesy of Ellee Seymour, ProActive PR)

The Directors of GRS were delighted to have the opportunity to meet Professor Sir Christopher Evans who is regarded as one of Europe’s leading medical science entrepreneurs, if not the world.  He has established 45 successful science companies, and is now running Excalibur Fund Managers, a specialised venture investor in life sciences companies.

His keynote speech came straight from the heart.  His honesty, enthusiasm and drive was very refreshing and highly motivational.  At the end of his speech there was time for some questions and Greer Deal, Director, was able to seize this opportunity and asked:

"I was wondering what your opinion is of the regulations in the UK as to whether you think they may be impede research or encourage it?"

His response included the following key points:

"I have to be slightly careful here as I have a vested interest in one particular thing, but I think on the whole it’s alright."

"The research is fine: we are quite good at regulating research, but when you start developing something from that research, you run into [a] raft of regulations. Britain is slow at interpreting , we are just too slow, we get in the way of exploiting these things and it costs money." 

" ... hopefully the authorities will move in the right direction so that other companies can move quicker and develop some fabulous new science"

So it is clear that he believes research in the UK is fine but that product development is far too slow and bureaucratic.  It is the latter which is causing the UK to drag behind other markets and for the UK to be a centre of excellence for Research and Development (R&D), it is vital that this trend is reversed.