EU Herbals and Foods - recent reports

Following on from GRS' recent Herbal Press Release, Greer Deal (Director) was interviewed by NUTRAingredients.com.  The result was this release which provides the views of three different perspectives and all three make some very valid points.

When you talk about herbals, however, you also have to mention foods because many herbs are foods either genuinely or disguised as food so as to avoid the herbal regulations.  Recently a European Parliamentary Committee rejected a bid to overturn a contraversial 222 strong health claims list.  This may not sound that contentious but then think about the original number of claims submitted for consideration - 4,700! 

The European Parliament Environment Committee has also decided to accept the publishing of a Register of rejected claims concerning nutrition and health claims made on certain foods.  This now means that manufacturers cannot make any health claims for those products that were not approved.

In Europe, both the herbal and food industries are entering a challenging era.  The impact is beginning to be felt but the full implications of these new regulations will probably not come to light for another couple of years or so.

Comment provided by Greer Deal, Director of Global Regulatory Services (GRS).