Life Sciences - Regulatory Compliance Services

"Making the unusual seem usual"

GRS provides solutions, advice, guidance and support to the global life science industry with a focus on regulatory affairs and innovation.  We have an established network of reputable independent professionals and specialists throughout the world.  From the outset we wanted to provide our clients with ‘on the ground’ local knowledge which we were aware was lacking in other consultancies providing a similar service.  We have professionals located in every country throughout the world who:

  • are fluent in the local language;
  • have their own specialist regulatory and scientific knowledge; and
  • have an already established good working relationship with their local regulatory bodies.

It is important to have these local contacts so as to maximise the chance of a successful outcome in terms of a client’s regulatory strategy and/or licence submission.

Global Regulatory Services (GRS) frequently operates at the forefront of technology in the life science industry often dealing with the more 'challenging' medical products and those which are considered to be 'borderline'.  Today's advances in technology are phenomenal and, invariably, more products become 'borderline' as regulations are unable to keep up with the changes.  In the majority of these situations, the regulators are considering the registration of products on a case-by-case basis.  Therefore, we have established teams of specialists who have both scientific skills and regulatory expertise with the ability to communicate effectively with the regulatory bodies so as to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Our global understanding adds value to our clients' product registrations because we are able to incorporate advice and guidance with respect to other markets so as to enhance both their national and worldwide presence.  With our global reach we are able to help companies located anywhere in the world to enter any new market.

At GRS we are constantly scanning the horizon for new regulations, or potential changes in regulations, which may affect the life science industry ranging from: food supplements to herbal medicines and cosmetics; medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics (IVDs) to combination products; conventional pharmaceuticals to stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. 

We regularly share our findings via the GRS website, LinkedIn and Twitter.  This information sharing has proved so popular that GRS will soon be launching a new platform "Regulatory Bites" which will provide regular 'bite-sized' updates on regulations which could have an impact on you and your company.  Announcement to follow soon.

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